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Complex services in energy provision

The goal of Amper Market is to offer comprehensive energy services to its customers in the corporate and public sectors, in particular:

  • The supply of electricity and gas for all groups of B2B customers
  • The purchase of electricity from all electricity producers (natural gas, heating plants, biogas, wind, water, solar radiation, etc.)
  • Offer advanced electricity trade products for large customers
  • Energy auditing, consulting, optimization of energy consumption, and analyses
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Design and construction of local distribution networks
  • Information systems for the operation of power plants, LDNs, EPC projects


Energy savings projects

State-of-the-art technology that pays

We are able to help with energy savings projects. The state-of-the-art technologies that enable these savings are used. The projects typically combine the installation of modern energy-saving technologies, the reduction of losses in the areas of heating and lighting, and technical and administrative measures for optimizing energy consumption and the purchase of energy so as to achieve the most favourable prices.

So-called Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), which is a financially interesting and effective tool for implementing energy-saving measures, is a specific area. The basis of the EPC method is a guarantee of a reduction in energy consumption, which results in savings in the operating costs that are subsequently used to repay the original investment. These services are effective in particular for public sector entities and large companies, for whom they save the money needed for the investments in such measures.

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Construction and Operation of Cogeneration Units

We can provide you with the construction and operation of local sources of heat and electricity generation (cogeneration units) at supply points. These local sources enable customers to get cheaper heat and electricity directly in their own operations. It is also possible to use project financing, which is subsequently reimbursed from the revenues created from the sale of electricity and heat.

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Complete meteorological services for the energy industry and agriculture

We can provide you with high-quality weather forecasts and the products derived from them for the energy industry and agriculture. The service focuses mainly on predictions of the outputs of solar power and wind power plants, which brings significant profits to customers. It also makes air temperature forecasts for heating purposes significantly more accurate and is able to predict energy consumption based on the predicted meteorological elements. For agriculture, it is able to provide weather forecasts with a major emphasis on the precipitation and temperature conditions of the following period. It also mediates online communication with an experienced meteorologist for its customers.

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Reduction of distribution costs and more efficient use of resources

In our conditions, electricity distribution costs constitute a significant part of the electricity price for end customers. One way to reduce these costs is to build local distribution networks (LDNs).  LDNs are power grids which, in domestic conditions, are usually connected to high voltage through a power transformer, and electricity consumers are connected to the network on the low-voltage side. One's own local sources, for which a connection capacity is not always available in the regional system, can also be connected to the network.
We can help with the design, construction and associated organization of distribution services, including ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements (of ERO), measurement and invoicing.

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