The business sector is a key objective of the company's strategic focus, and customers from the corporate sector make up 2/3 of the volume of supplies, which reached about 1.5 TWh of electricity and 200 GWh of gas in 2017. As at 31 December 2017, the number of supply points reached 37,860. In addition to these supply points, Amper Market also assumes responsibility for the deviation, and it supplies electricity on a wholesale basis to the supply points of several smaller suppliers that service another 22,000 supply points approximately. The total balance of Amper Market thus consists of almost 60,000 supply points. In 2018, the company plans to supply customers with more than 2 TWh of electricity and 300 GWh of gas worth CZK 4 billion.

Whether they be customers from LV or HV networks, multinational concerns, leading domestic companies or family businesses, Amper Market's efforts are fully focused on meeting their energy needs. Cost minimization is a matter of course, but its creative fulfilment goes beyond the usual notion of a low price. Through its sister company Amper Savings, Amper Market also offers energy services focused on energy savings.

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