Electricity producers

Long-term partnership

The purchase and sale of electricity from in-house sources covered by contract is the chief subject of business of our company. Electricity received from independent producers is supplemented by purchases on the Energy Exchange (PXE) and daily market (OTE). The chief goal of the company in the medium term is to realise its pioneering concept of virtual power stations, combining independent producers into a unified system for the purchase and sale of electricity to end customers using so-called smartgrids. We are now in the process of gradually realising this goal. At the same time as the preparation of the virtual power station, we are engaged in the contractual securing of new sources and the building of commercial relationships with customers. Amper Market, a. s. utilises its knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources of electricity (biogas stations, photovoltaic power stations, small hydroelectric plants, windmills) through its original business model, allowing the company to offer customers stable prices. We offer producers reliable partnership, incorporating long-term contracts, consultancy services based on knowledge of legislation and the option to become part of the virtual power station project.

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