Amper Market realized record-breaking sales in 2017. It has become one of the largest energy traders in the Czech Republic   17.1. 2018

Amper Market has realized a record-breaking volume of electricity sales for 2017 and has become one of the largest traders of this commodity in the Czech Republic. Its trade with gas, which the company has started to supply to its customers last year, is also being kicked off successfully.

As part of the sales of the physical commodity, the customers and decentralized producers of Amper Market have traded 2.8 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy in 2017. Out of that, electricity sales reached 1.9 TWh, the purchase of electricity reached 0.6 TWh and gas sales reached 0.3 TWh.

In the wholesale markets, i.e. mainly at the stock exchanges in Leipzig and Prague, Amper Market traded financial futures for electricity for about CZK 2.1 billion, which represented 2.5 TWh of electricity. In the case of natural gas, it was 1.2 TWh of financial futures, i.e. a total of 3.7 TWh of financial futures traded for both commodities (which does not include spot trades with both commodities).

Amper Market has become a leading player in the retail and wholesale energy market in the Czech Republic.  For comparison: with the physical commodity and futures contracts with financial settlement, the trades of Amper Market represent a sum of 6.5 TWh, i.e. about 10-15 % of the volume of Czech trades at the PXE Prague Stock Exchange, and they exceed the volume of all the trades of our second largest energy exchange, ČMKBK in Kladno.

"We are betting on a transparent and fair approach towards customers. We offer large customers products tied to the stock exchange and publicly available live prices; we have price lists for small customers without any "traps"; I am glad that this approach is working out well for us, " says Amper Market Chairman, Jan Palaščák.

Amper Market was the original founder of the group Amper Holding, which today offers services to its customer through specialized subsidiaries, where besides the ESCO of Amper Savings, you can also find the professional meteorological company Amper Meteo, for example.  The corporate group operates as a comprehensive concept for decentralized energy services, and it has become a model for the competition. Amper Holding is also the first in the Czech Republic to launch the concept of a "virtual power plant" and start implementing the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, which obliges energy suppliers to save.

The turnover of the holding grew to more than CZK 3 billion in 2017, and in the year 2018, it is expected to grow to about 4 billion crowns.  Out of the larger electricity suppliers with over 30,000 supply points, Amper Market has seen the fastest growth in its number of customers in 2017. It increased its number of customers by almost a quarter in the first nine months of 2017. The developments of the company in the last year also included gas trading, for which an increase in deliveries to end customers to more than 300 GWh is expected this year. In 2017, the customers of Amper Market included, for example, the Capital City of Prague and the Statutory City of Brno.  Some might surprised to hear that Amper Market also supplies green energy to Prague Castle ...


Media contact:
Jan Palaščák
Chairman of the Board
Amper Market, a.s.
T: +420 225 282 790   

Additional information:
Amper Market, a.s. is a leading player in the market of alternative energy suppliers and energy services (with a turnover of approx. CZK 4 billion). The company is also an important innovator (e.g. it was first to put the concept of a "virtual power plant" into practice in the Visegrád Four countries), and it puts a special emphasis on business ethics in the energy sector.  The activities of the company in this field include energy services for municipalities in the field of energy performance contracting (EPC) and building an independent energy economy for municipalities.  Under the auspices of the company, the Energy Mayor of the Year competition is held as well.

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