Why change to Amper Market?

Take a look at the main reasons it pays to change to Amper Market:
  • We offer attractive prices.
  • We do not charge any activation or deactivation fees. We are transparent and our contracts and terms and conditions are legible and simple.
  • It’s easy to change. All you have to do is fill out an online contract, power of attorney and send the signed documents to our company. We will then deal with any other administrative tasks associated with the change of supplier.
  • We offer you electricity straight from the source – both from our own power stations and other, independent sources.
  • We don’t just trade in electricity. Electricity production is part of our virtual commercial power station project. You can, in the future, participate in this product as a customer, as well as producer.
  • Our electricity is environmentally friendly.
  • The best argument are the positive responses of our customers, which can be found anywhere on the Internet, and the fact that more and more customers are changing to us. See data of the electricity market Operator:

How do I change to Amper Market?

Everything can be done from home – we don’t operate any customer centres or branches, another factor that helps us offer you low prices.

Fill in a contract for combined electricity provision services. Don’t forget the EAN number, given on every invoice: 859182400 + 9 numbers.

  • Once it has been filled in and confirmed, a contract in PDF format will be generated. Simply follow these instructions:
  1. Fill out a list of collection points (electricity meters) only if you have more than one.
  2. Fill out a power of attorney for dealings with the distribution company and electricity supplier (not necessarily the same company) – this is the only way we will be able to carry out all administrative transactions related to the change of supplier on your behalf (termination of existing supplier, announcement of change to distribution company and to Operator of electricity market). All you need to worry about is sending the contract and appendices.
  3. Print out two copies of the contract and one copy each of the power of attorney, terms and conditions and price-list.
  4. The price-list consists of three pages. Each page lists only one distribution area (ČEZ, PRE, E.ON). Print the price-list of the distribution area to which you belong. If you do not know which area you belong to, contact us, giving the EAN code.
  5. Sign the contract and power of attorney.
  6. Put one copy of the contract and one copy of the power of attorney into an envelope. Keep one copy of the contract, the price-list and terms and conditions for yourself).
  7. If possible, please enclose a copy of the annual bill from your current electricity supplier and send everything to: Amper Market, a.s., Antala Staška 1076/33a, 140 00 Prague 4.
  • A week before the date of start of provision you will receive a payment schedule for the calendar period.
  • If the documentation you send to us is incomplete, we will contact you within five working days (do not forget to include your contact details - e-mail + tel. number).
  • To check the status of your contract, please e-mail us at:
  • You may become our customer only as of the date corresponding to the terms and conditions for termination of your contract with your existing supplier, and always as of the 1st day of the nearest month following the end of the (generally 3-month) notice period or the expiry of a fixed-term contract.
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