Amper Market realized record-breaking sales in 2017. It has become one of the largest energy traders in the Czech Republic   17.1. 2018

Amper Market has realized a record-breaking volume of electricity sales for 2017 and has become one of the largest traders of this commodity in the Czech Republic. Its trade with gas, which the company has started to supply to its customers last year, is also being kicked off successfully.

As part of the sales of the physical commodity, the customers and decentralized producers of Amper Market have traded 2.8 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy in 2017. Out of that, electricity sales reached 1.9 TWh, the purchase of electricity reached 0.6 TWh and gas sales reached 0.3 TWh.

In the wholesale markets, i.e. mainly at the stock exchanges in Leipzig and Prague, Amper Market traded financial futures for electricity for about CZK 2.1 billion, which represented 2.5 TWh of electricity. In the case of natural gas, it was 1.2 TWh of financial futures, i.e. a total of 3.7 TWh of financial futures traded for both commodities (which does not include spot trades with both commodities).

Amper Market has become a leading player in the retail and wholesale energy market in the Czech Republic.  For comparison: with the physical commodity and futures contracts with financial settlement, the trades of Amper Market represent a sum of 6.5 TWh, i.e. about 10-15 % of the volume of Czech trades at the PXE Prague Stock Exchange, and they exceed the volume of all the trades of our second largest energy exchange, ČMKBK in Kladno.

"We are betting on a transparent and fair approach towards customers. We offer large customers products tied to the stock exchange and publicly available live prices; we have price lists for small customers without any "traps"; I am glad that this approach is working out well for us, " says Amper Market Chairman, Jan Palaščák.

Amper Market was the original founder of the group Amper Holding, which today offers services to its customer through specialized subsidiaries, where besides the ESCO of Amper Savings, you can also find the professional meteorological company Amper Meteo, for example.  The corporate group operates as a comprehensive concept for decentralized energy services, and it has become a model for the competition. Amper Holding is also the first in the Czech Republic to launch the concept of a "virtual power plant" and start implementing the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, which obliges energy suppliers to save.

The turnover of the holding grew to more than CZK 3 billion in 2017, and in the year 2018, it is expected to grow to about 4 billion crowns.  Out of the larger electricity suppliers with over 30,000 supply points, Amper Market has seen the fastest growth in its number of customers in 2017. It increased its number of customers by almost a quarter in the first nine months of 2017. The developments of the company in the last year also included gas trading, for which an increase in deliveries to end customers to more than 300 GWh is expected this year. In 2017, the customers of Amper Market included, for example, the Capital City of Prague and the Statutory City of Brno.  Some might surprised to hear that Amper Market also supplies green energy to Prague Castle ...


Media contact:
Jan Palaščák
Chairman of the Board
Amper Market, a.s.
T: +420 225 282 790   

Additional information:
Amper Market, a.s. is a leading player in the market of alternative energy suppliers and energy services (with a turnover of approx. CZK 4 billion). The company is also an important innovator (e.g. it was first to put the concept of a "virtual power plant" into practice in the Visegrád Four countries), and it puts a special emphasis on business ethics in the energy sector.  The activities of the company in this field include energy services for municipalities in the field of energy performance contracting (EPC) and building an independent energy economy for municipalities.  Under the auspices of the company, the Energy Mayor of the Year competition is held as well.

We wish you a Happy New Year.   23.12. 2017

You can look at Amper Market’s New Year’s Card here.

Amper Market is leading in growth   16.11. 2017

The number of supply and delivery points (SDP) to which Amper Market supplies electric energy has increased by more than 7,000 since the beginning of this year and reached a total of 37,420 on October 31. The company achieved a 24 % increase in the number of SDP, which ranks it first among the top 10 energy suppliers in the Czech Republic for the third quarter of this year. This year, the company has also acquired 736 new natural gas supply points.

You can find the overview of the number of supply points for individual suppliers on the website of OTE a.s. here.

The number of supply points is increasing   22.8. 2017

As at 31 July, Amper Market will supply energy to a total of 35,566 sites. Compared to January 2017, this is an increase of more than 5,000 sites. Furthermore, the company has acquired 681 new natural gas supply points. The new customers of Amper Market in 2017 include, for example, the Capital City of Prague, including public lighting, and the Statutory City of Brno.

You can find an overview of the number of supply points of individual suppliers on the website of OTE a.s. here.

Amper Market Reached a 3 Billion CZK Turnover   3.2. 2016

According to preliminary financial reports for 2016, the Amper Market stock company has delivered more than 1,250 GWh of electricity to end consumers and a similar quantity has been traded on wholesale markets. The overall annual turnover has come close to 3 billion CZK with a positive economical outcome.

In 2017 Amper Market has been continuing its growth in key segments, with companies and municipalities where Amper Market, a.s. has successfully began delivering gas, e.g. to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the City of Brno. In terms of the public sector, Amper Market has been able to achieve another milestone in public tenders between 2017-2018: delivery of electricity for public lighting for the municipality of Prague. Amper Market again, in its seventh year on the market, confirms its role of a reliable partner for companies and the public sector.

Amper Market for the largest cities in the Czech Republic   6.12. 2016

The largest cities in the Czech Republic will become customers of Amper Market in 2017. The company will supply electricity to Prague, Brno and Ostrava. The supply arranged through the PXE market for the capital city will reach approx. 30GW in 2017. Amper Market will also supply natural gas to the city of Brno. Among the largest customers from the public sector are also three regions: Karlovy Vary, Olomouc and Vysocina.

Amper Market Continuing to Lower Electricity Prices.   1.12. 2016

Amper Market, a.s. has published its electricity price list for 2017. Compared to 2016, prices will be lower for households and businesses by several percent. The largest discounts can be seen by the highest distribution rates, reaching up to 45 CZK/MWh and the businesses and households with larger consumptions will have larger discounts. Prices are decreasing, despite the fact that wholesale prices have been increasing the last two months together with coal prices, reaching higher price levels than last year. “Amper Market is able to maintain an accommodating price policy thanks to a unique method of purchasing electricity, based on its active presents on energy exchanges in Leipzig and Prague, the use of a virtual power plant and partnerships with electricity producers. Our low prices are not based on speculations and we know how to keep them low in the long-term”, said Jan Palaščák, CEO of Amper Market a.s.

“The Amper Market company will continue to focus on businesses, municipalities and electricity producers as well as on a complete offer of energy services including energy savings and energy produced directly for customers”, Mr. Palaščák added.

A complete pricelist, including regulated payments will be published shortly, depending on the procedure of the Energy Regulatory Office in terms of regulated payments, especially payments for supported energy sources.

The 2017 pricelist for business is available here and the household pricelist here.

Open Markets in the Energy Industry   8.11. 2016

...and their enemies. Come see the lecture of Mr. Ing. Jan Palaščák, CEO of Amper Market, a.s. organized in cooperation with the Institute of Energy Economics at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, University of Economics, Prague that will take place on November 15th 2016 from 18:00 at the University of Economics in Prague.

The Amper Market Company Has Published its Expected Results for 2015   13.4. 2016

According to preliminary finance reports for 2015, Amper Market has sold 1,170 GWh of electricity, which represents an approx. 60% increase compared to the total amount sold in 2014.  This volume roughly represents about 2% of end-consumer consumption in the Czech Republic. Approximately 630 GWh (53.8% of sold electricity) came from in-house production and contractual sources. The total annual turnover will be approx. 2.7 billion CZK with a positive economic result.

During 2015, the number of offtake points, to which electricity is being delivered to by Amper Market, has increased by 6,651. In terms of consumer increase, Amper Market has become one of the quickest growing companies. As of February 29th 2016, Amper Market has supplied electricity to 30,596 offtake points. This is represented by approx. 70 % of businesses, tradesmen and the public sector and 30% of households.

Among the Best Once Again   15.2. 2015

The number of offtake points, to which electricity is being delivered to by Amper Market, has increased by 6,651 during 2015. In terms of consumer increase, Amper Market has once again become one of the quickest growing companies. It came fifth behind much bigger companies (RWE, ČEZ). Since 2013, the number of changed suppliers has been decreasing. This trend has been confirmed by the 2015 results, where only 280 thousand household and business consumers changed their supplier.

Audited results of Amper Market, a.s. for 2014   29.7. 2015

According to 2014 financial statements, the Amper Market joint-stock company achieved a turnover of 1.64 billion Czech Crowns, representing a year-on-year increase of 45%, while maintaining a positive economic result. This represents a sale of approximately 745,000 MWh, about 1.5% of Czech Republic’s electricity consumption. The EBITDA value reached 37 million Czech Crowns.
The number of supply points at the end of 2014 reached a total of 22,900. As of June 30th 2015, the number of supply points has again increased to nearly 30,000 (

Amper Market enters the EEX stock exchange in Leipzig   9.6. 2015

Amper Market, a.s. last week began trading in electricity on the EEX stock exchange in Leipzig, the largest stock exchange of its type in Central and Western Europe. Around 200 companies trade on EEX, 8 of them from the Czech Republic. More information is available at

Amper Market is the fastest growing supplier   9.6. 2015

Amper Market was the fastest growing electricity supplier in the Czech Republic in the first four months of 2015 in terms of the number of new customers:

30,000 in sight   5.6. 2015

Amper Market was supplying electricity to 29,758 supply points by the end of May 2015. This figure comes from the OTE statistics which have just been published.

Electricity for companies   5.5. 2015

Traditional seminars for Amper Market customers were held on 21st April in Prague and on 22nd April in Brno, attended by around 70 participants.

The lectures in Prague:
1. Distributor’s obligations and responsibilities from the point of view of securing the quality and reliability of electricity supplies – Ing. Rostislav Krejcar, Ph.D., Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University
2. Support within the framework of the Enterprise and Innovation for Competition Operational Programme – Martina Růžičková, Brain Logistics s.r.o.
3. The situation on the electricity market – David Kučera, Power Exchange Central Europe
4. CO2 permits – Jan Ondřich, Candole Partners
5. The opportunities available to companies and the municipal sector to produce their own energy – Jan Cizler, Karla spol. s r.o.

The lectures in Brno:
1. A distributor’s obligations and responsibilities from the point of view of securing the quality and reliability of electricity supplies – Ing. Rostislav Krejcar, Ph.D., Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University
2. Support within the framework of the Enterprise and Innovation for Competition Operational Programme – Martina Růžičková, Brain Logistics s.r.o.
3. The situation on the electricity market – David Kučera, Power Exchange Central Europe
4. The opportunities available to companies and the municipal sector to produce their own energy – Jan Cizler, Karla spol. s r.o.

If interested, Amper Market customers can request the presentations from the seminars at

The current number of Amper Market supply points   9.2. 2015

According to OTE statistics, there was an increase of almost 5,000 supply points between December last year and the end of January this year. The total number of Amper Market supply points at 31.1. was therefore 27,949. In addition to these supply points, Amper Market also takes on responsibility for variance and supplies electricity on a wholesale basis to supply points for several other suppliers that supply another 22, 000 supply points or so. The overall balance at Amper Market is therefore around 50,000 supply points.

Number of supply points as at December 31, 2014   6.1. 2015

According to information from OTE, a.s. published today, Amper Market had a total of 22,968 supply points as at 31 December 2014. This marked a year-on-year increase of more than 100%.

First electricity auction at the PXE commodity exchange   20.11. 2014

The first electricity auction for end consumers took place at the POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE (PXE) commodity exchange today. A total of 8,069 MWh was traded. The auction was called by the Czech State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre. Amper Market, a.s. submitted a winning bid at CZK 1020 per MWh.

“The first auction was successful and the customer acquired electricity at CZK 30 per MWh less than it had hoped. The price is fair and reflects the price level on the wholesale market. We hope that this first success will encourage other towns, state institutions and private companies to use PXE services,” said David Kučera, General Secretary of POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE.

The new service, the PXE commodity exchange, was launched at the suggestion of energy traders with the aim of enabling end customers to find the most suitable electricity supplier via a commodity exchange established according to special law. As such, they will receive the best possible price for electricity under fully transparent conditions in the largest electricity market in the CEE region. The new service has been specially designed for companies, municipalities, the public sector and larger consumers in general.

Amper Market price list 2015: Electricity prices reduced by 5%!   3.11. 2014

Amper Market has now published its 2015 electricity supply price list for retail customers. The new price list for companies and households brings an across-the-board reduction in the price of electricity of 5%. This reduction has been made possible by the continuing slight fall in wholesale prices and by the company’s successful commercial strategy, which combines direct purchases from producers and purchases on energy exchanges. At the same time, the very low fee for maintaining the supply point (just CZK 25 per month excluding VAT), which is particularly advantageous for smaller consumers, also remains in place.

“We decided to publish our price lists and to implement an across-the-board reduction in the price of electricity quickly because this method is fair and transparent. We want to give our existing and potential new customers enough time to compare and consider the offers available,” said Jan Palaščák, Managing Director of Amper Market. “We had 22,000 supply points at the end of September 2014, in that approximately 70% of these are companies, private business people and the public sector and 30% are households. We are aiming for 100,000 supply points in the medium-term horizon. This goal can only be achieved with advantageous prices and a trustworthy approach to customers without regard for any differences in size. For this reason we do not plan any tricks in the form of “guarantees” or “fixed prices”. We want to help some groups of customers with attractive tariffs: for example municipalities, for public lighting, as well as households and the owners of electric cars,” he added.

The new price list for households can be found here, while the new price list for companies can be viewed here.

Number of Amper Market supply points grows by a third   4.2. 2014

Increased customer interest and a lot of hard work at the turn of the year meant that the rise in the number of Amper Market supply points outstripped the previous record. Some 6,100 were added in the space of one month. The overall situation at the end of January this year was 17,455 supply points, thanks to which the company is ranked among the 10 biggest suppliers on the market. With a turnover of around 1.1 thousand million crowns, the company covers around 1.2 % of the electricity use in the Czech Republic.

You will find official overviews of the number of supply points here.

Amper Market joint stock company announces provisional results for 2013   24.1. 2014

According to the provisional financial statements for 2013, the Amper Market joint stock company sold more than 450,000 MWh of electricity, representing a rise of almost 100 % on the total amount sold in 2012. Total annual turnover was around CZK 1.05 thousand million in light of positive economic results. The direct purchase of electricity, mainly coming from renewable sources, reached 235,000 MWh. The company has already entered into supply contracts for around 700,000 MWh of electricity with customers for 2014, accounting for more than 1 % of the total use in the Czech Republic.
The number of supply points rose by around 38 % from the beginning of last year to 11,355. Of this figure, businesses, sole traders and the public sector accounted for around 70 % of customers and households 30 %.

20th January marks the 239th anniversary of the birth of the prominent French physicist and mathematician whose work and legacy our company acknowledges   15.1. 2014

André-Marie Ampère was born into the family of a businessman in Poleymieux-au-Mont-d´Or not far from Lyon in 1775. According to the sources available, he never went to school. There was no school in his native village, in fact. His principal teacher was his father, Jean-Jacques Ampère, who provided him with an outstanding education, mainly in mathematics and Latin. Apparently the young Ampère read everything he could get his hands on at the age of four and wrote his first science paper at thirteen, although it was not officially published. At the age of fourteen he read a twenty-volume Encyclopaedia written by French scientists and philosophers of the time under the guidance of Denis Diderot and Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d´Alembert. Eyewitnesses from the time claim that his phenomenal memory allowed him to recite whole entries from the encyclopaedia even years later. Once he had read all the books at home, he travelled to Lyon with his father to borrow more. Ampère was apparently able to master the Latin he needed to read them within a couple of weeks.

The French Revolution had a major impact on Ampère’s life, his father, considered an aristocrat, becoming a victim of Jacobin terror in 1793. His sister Antoinette also died the same year, she of tuberculosis. He was able to survive the difficult period that followed the death of his father by, among other, gradually returning to his intensive studies, mainly studying mathematics. He then went on to teach mathematics himself in Lyon in 1796, before being appointed a teacher of physics and chemistry at École Centrale in Bourg-en-Bresse. He later taught at École Polytechnique in Paris and at Collège de France. Ampère was elected a foreign member of the Royal Society of London in 1827.

He married twice. His first wife, Julie, died soon after their marriage and Ampère had to entrust his son Jean to the care of his sister Josephine. His second marriage fell apart soon after the birth of his daughter in 1807. Most significant was that Ampère, by now a teacher, became homeless and was followed by financial struggles for the rest of his days. He supplemented the paltry wages paid to a teacher by checking budgets at École Polytechnique, which in practice meant counting the costs of kitchen operations, the purchase of furniture and so on. Even his work as a teacher was far from simple. He had to stand in front of the children of wealthier families in shabby clothes, which caused great amusement. On top of that, he was very short-sighted and scatter-brained, which some of his students used to their advantage. What he lacked in terms of the authority he had among ill-disciplined students, he more than made up for in the recognition he had and has in the world of science.

Ampère is generally known in connection with physics and magnetism and is considered the founder of electrodynamics. Between 1820 and 1827 he discovered and experimentally verified a number of laws of physics, which he then described in his fundamental work Théorie mathématique des phénomènes électro-dynamiques, uniquement déduite de l'expérience (Mathematical theory of electrodynamic phenomena deduced solely from experiment) in 1827. Fundamental laws and a definition of electrodynamics were formulated based on his work. For example:
- Ampère’s law of magnetic force between two conductors, with the help of which a definition of a basic unit of the SI system, the ampere (1 A), was created and subsequently internationally accepted in 1948. 1 A is the constant current that will produce an attractive force of 2 × 10–7 newton per metre of length between two straight, parallel conductors of infinite length and negligible circular cross section placed one metre apart in a vacuum.
- Ampère’s force law (equation), which states the force experienced by a current-carrying electrical conductor as a result of a magnetic field.
- What are known as Ampère’s right-hand rule for a straight wire (the thumb points in the direction of the conventional current and the fingers point in the direction of the magnetic lines of flux) and Ampère’s right-hand solenoid rule (the fingers point in the direction of the conventional current in the coils and the thumb points in the direction of the magnetic lines of flux).
What else?
- He came up with the permanent magnets theory and voiced a hypothesis of the cause of the Earth’s magnetic field.
He designed the galvanometer, a device to measure electric current, based on the principle of the interaction of the magnetic field of a conductor and a magnet.
- He made the first electromagnet together with Dominique Arago.

Ampère also won recognition as an outstanding mathematician of his time in various publications (for example, Considerations sur la théorie mathématique du jeu  - Considerations on the Mathematical Theory of Games). In addition to physics and mathematics, he was interested in botany and chemistry and also worked on a monumental attempt to categorise the sciences.

André-Marie Ampère died in Marseille on 10th June 1836. He is buried at Cimetière de Montmartre in Paris. His name has been used as that of the basic unit of electric current since 1881, as that of the lunar mountain Mons Ampère in the Montes Apenninus range and, since in 2011, as that of our joint stock company.

Amper Market supplies current to České Budějovice   10.1. 2014

Amper Market has emerged victorious from a tender to supply electricity to the City of České Budějovice in 2014. The contract also includes supplies to Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice, a.s., the public transport authority in the city.

Compare prices using an independent calculator   8.1. 2014

Many of the questions asked on the Amper Market customer helpline are about the prices of electricity, the chance to make an objective comparison and the accuracy of results from the “calculators” available on suppliers' websites and at various specialised comparison sites. The accuracy of the results obtained from these sources is affected by the desire to sell electricity or mediate its sale. That is why we would recommend using the calculator available at the Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ) website which has official price lists at its disposal and is independent of electricity producers and suppliers.


Amper Market: we will continue to be far cheaper than the dominant suppliers   23.9. 2013

Amper Market also reacts to reduction of prices for small customers by market leader ČEZ. As in previous years, Amper Market will reflect the 15-20% reduction in wholesale prices over the last twelve months in prices for end customers, too. The company will present the new price-lists for households and small businesses during the next few weeks. Amper Market customers need have no fears over the new price-lists, because these, too, will be significantly lower than the prices offered by the dominant suppliers. For example, the current, heavily-promoted discounts announced by ČEZ for the year 2014 only approximately reached the level of Amper Market prices for 2013, i.e. Amper Market’s price-lists for 2014 will be significantly cheaper.

Amper Market, a.s. preliminary results for 1st half-year of 2013   23.8. 2013

According to preliminary financial statements, in the first half of this year Amper Market sold c. 235,000 MWh of electricity, representing a turnover of 568 million CZK, with net income reaching 11.8 million CZK. Over the year as a whole Amper Market anticipates turnover of c. 1.1 billion CZK.

Amper Market supplies energy to towns   24.6. 2013

Amper Market has won tender processes for the supply of electricity to the towns of Chrudim (1 August 2013 – 31 July 2015), Most (2014 and 2015), Rokytnice v Orlických Horách (2014 and 2015), Říčany (1 September 2013 – 31 August 2014) and Prague 9 (1 July 2013 and the year 2014).

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